As experts have already reported, the destruction of the “Moskva” missile cruiser, equipped with a powerful air defense and radar system, significantly reduced the aggressor’s ability to protect the Russian Black Sea Fleet’s ships and the aggressor-controlled maritime infrastructure from the air

In particular, the aggressor has currently placed the main burden of criminal shelling of mainland Ukraine on his submarines and strategic aircraft. In particular, it is obvious that in this way, as part of rising tensions in areas close to Moldova, the occupiers carried out two rocket attacks on the bridge in the Zatoka of Odesa Region.

At the same time, experts are skeptical about the prospects of a special sabotage operation launched by the aggressor in Moldova, in particular its Russian-occupied areas close to Odesa.

At the same time, the Ukrainian army is apparently able to respond effectively to hostile provocations, as it was evidenced by the successful destruction and damage to the invaders’ infrastructure on the Russian-occupied Zmiiny Island on the night of April 27 in Black Sea.

Now the aggressor has direct challenges in securing the capabilities of his own garrison on the island, as well as in the military use of Russia-seized in 2014 drilling rigs “Chornomonaftogaz”, some of which are less than a hundred kilometers from mainland Ukraine.

The occupiers may commit provocations there, accusing the Ukrainian army of doing so. At the same time, the presence of special units of the Black Sea Fleet and other military formations of the aggressor on these platforms makes the platforms a legitimate military target.

It is known that the occupiers announced a so-called “yellow level of danger” on April 26 for those objects, but Russians flatly refused to evacuate platform’s personnel, responsible for the illegal extraction of hydrocarbons, vital to the aggressor’s military vehicle in the occupied Crimea.

At the same time, Russian saboteur Igor Strelkov (Girkin) is publicly discussing the prospects of destroying the “Crimean Bridge” and Secretary of the Russia’s Security Council Nikolai Patrushev calls for increased protection of infrastructure “in southern Russia”.