On April 26 and 27, Kherson residents continued their bold attempts to peacefully protest against any criminal intentions of the Russian occupiers to “streamline the system of governance” in the region. In particular, yesterday a meeting was held near Kherson higher education institutions, protesters placed Ukrainian symbols and patriotic inscriptions in the city. Today citizens gathered for a rally against attempts by the occupiers to hold a criminal “referendum” in the Kherson center.

Russian invaders have tried to quell peaceful resistance with weapons, using weapons and tear gas, and injuring at least four people. At the same time, Kherson residents are leaving the occupied territories en masse because of the Russian occupation and the punitive regime imposed by the aggressor, which now applies to any businessmen and farmers who have not expressed loyalty to the illegal “administration” of the occupiers. The fake “mayor” and “governor” of the Kherson region declared by the aggressor, are persons who have no support in all segments of the region’s population.

As the exits to Mykolayiv and Kryvyi Rih is almost blocked by the occupiers, residents of the Kherson region are forced to travel to the occupied Crimea, and from there to Russia to travel through third countries to Europe or territory controlled by the Ukrainian government. The occupiers themselves are forced to admit that one hundred thousand people left the mainland for the Crimea in a month, of which no more than four thousand allegedly remained in the Crimea.

The pro-Ukrainian sentiments of the majority of “refugees” do not allow the occupiers’ propaganda to paint a fake picture of “escape from the horrors of Ukrainian nationalists”. Even Russian-controlled media and bloggers controlled by the aggressor acknowledge the “disloyalty” and “danger” of such “refugees”, calling for “Russian documents” not to be issued to them en masse.