Kirill Stremousov has been known to the population of Kherson for about a decade and a half. At first he was known as a city freak, a blogger, a lover of extreme travel, an adherent of extravagant diets and an organizer of “Russian runs”, which for the time being looked like an innocent prank.

Now Stremousov is a prominent figure in the criminal occupational “administration” of the razists in the Kherson Region. He is fake “deputy head” of the so-called “regional administration” controlled by the Russian invaders, and at the same time he is one of the most dangerous collaborators. Why – dangerous? Because under the guise of a freak, an enthusiast of “Slavic Vedism” and a supporter of a “healthy lifestyle” in its rather extreme manifestations (for example, Stremousov ate and recommended to others to eat clay), a person with serious mental pathologies was hiding.

Not so long ago, Kirill Stremousov posted a video on the net, most likely filmed in his office in the building of the Kherson Regional State Administration seized by the Russian invaders. Apparently, this is the office of one of the deputy heads of administration.

On the bedside table, located next to the desktop of the “deputy head”, there are two portraits – Joseph Stalin and Ernesto Che Guevara. Both, presumably, are Stremousov’s idols. However, Stremousov spoke about reverence for Che Guevara before, even traveled around Latin America “to the places of military glory” of his idol. Moreover, he called himself “Kherson Che Guevara”.

But it turned out that the collaborator is also a fan of the “leader of the peoples”, that is, the bloody Soviet tyrant and executioner, during whose reign about 18 million people innocently passed through camps and prisons, and about 6 million were shot. It is impossible not to add to these victims about seven million Ukrainians who died during the Holodomor. Such is the idol of the fake “deputy head” of the criminal occupation “administration” of the Kherson region.

However, the person of the undeservedly romanized Ernesto Che Guevara is no more beautiful. People who knew him closely remembered Guevara as a maniac who enjoyed killing and then repeatedly personally participated in executions. In particular, the sister of Fidel and Raul Castro, Juanita, who knew Guevara closely, who later emigrated to the United States, wrote about him in the biographical book “Fidel and Raul, my brothers. The Secret History”: “Neither the trial nor the investigation mattered to him. He immediately began to shoot, because he was a man without a heart”.

In 1959, Che Guevara personally instructed the Cuban revolutionary judges: “There should be no red tape with litigation. This is a revolution, the evidence here is secondary. We must act on conviction. They are all a gang of criminals and murderers. In addition, it should be remembered that there is an appeals tribunal.” This “tribunal of appeal” Guevara personally headed, and not a single death sentence was canceled. And on December 11, 1964, he said from the UN rostrum: “Executions? Yes! We shot, we shoot, and we will shoot!”

The bloody Soviet tyrant and the Cuban maniac killer are the idols of the Kherson servant of the Russian occupiers. And, judging by recent video messages in which Stremousov promised to severely punish “Ukrainian fascists”, the collaborator wants to at least partially live up to his idols.

Surely the criminal “deputy head” has already provided his owners with a list of Kherson activists and journalists who once annoyed him very much, calling a spade a spade. We guess that the characters of this list managed to leave the occupied regions before Stremousov tore off all his masks and appeared in all his madness.

Worthy of attention is the “path to success” of a blogger-collaborator. The labor activity of 45-year-old Kirill Stremousov is limited to several years of small business and a short work in the fish inspection. In the latter, he rose to the rank of head of its Henichesk district administration, from where he was fired, according to Stremousov himself, for intolerance of corruption, according to people who knew him at that time – for bribery. In 2007, he somehow got a job in the Office of the Fisheries Committee, but worked there for only a few months.

And since 2007, Stremousov’s path began as an extreme nutritionist, Slavic Vedist, blogger, provocateur, and conspiratorial Russian agent of influence. We note an interesting coincidence: the odious Ruslan Kotsaba, who became famous in 2015 with his calls to boycott the mobilization, began his career in the same fish inspection.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, Russia has understood that our country has chosen a different path and, over time, will finally leave the sphere of influence of the aggressor. And then the Russian intelligence services received substantial funding to sponsor agents of influence, that is, people who were tasked with becoming leaders of public opinion and promoting pro-Russian narratives. For the Russians, Stremousov was an ideal candidate for such a role. By that time, the fish inspector, weighing 125 kilograms, decided to radically change his lifestyle. He began to practice various diets and fasting systems, in a word, he made the “healthy lifestyle” a kind of religion, and preached it with enthusiasm.

Thanks to this, Kirill Stremousov quickly became a media person: articles were written about him, stories were filmed, he received the attention of such major publications as Kyiv-located “Fakty”, as well as leading Ukrainian TV channels. Perhaps that is why the Russians offered the extravagant Kherson citizen a well-paid cooperation. Surely, he gladly accepted the offer and, perhaps, received good money in advance, because, without officially working anywhere, he lived in a big way. Stremousov traveled the world, bought expensive premium photo and video equipment. It is possible that Stremousov opened his own media “Tavria News”, on the instructions of the Russians and with their money. It can be assumed that the FSB employers needed not a freak eating clay and praying for Che Guevara, but an influential journalist, a respected opinion leader. And they began to “sculpt” such a journalist and leader from Stremousov, sparing huge money.

Among Kherson middle-aged journalists who started their careers in the first half of the 2000s, there are quite a few who had a sad experience of working for Stremousov’s “Tavria News”. The scenario was the same: Stremousov offered cooperation to young journalists, promised good money, but regularly paid no more than a month, then “feed him with promises”, referring to “financial difficulties”, and this continued until the journalist ran out of patience . Soon, only two authors remained at “Tavria News”: Stremousov himself and his friend Vladimir Marus, not a mediocre, but pro-Russian and immoderately drinking character of the Kherson beau monde.

That is, the agent of influence shamelessly deceived everyone right and left: both Kherson journalists and their Russian employers. Perhaps he even beautifully reported on the money spent, talking about the “titanic efforts” for the criminal transformation of the Kherson Region into allegedly “pro-Russian enclave”.

However, the failure of the “Russian spring” in the Kherson Region in 2014 did not got away Russians from the agent. Probably because the Russians were simply sorry for the rather big “investments” spent in it. True, they somewhat changed the style of work of their agent, and also apparently organized the management of his criminal work from the occupied Sevastopol.

If until 2014 Kirill Stremousov was just a freak provocateur, then his “Russia’s tricolor” came out in all its “glory”, and in addition to it, aggressiveness also manifested itself. During his “personances” he did not hesitate to dissolve his hands, and even went even further: he shot from a traumatic pistol. In 2017, Stremousov almost unloaded a clip on a security guard at a health center in the Henichesk District, where he came to “deal with corruption,” and in 2019 he opened fire during a press conference. And again, for what any other person could go to “trample the prison”, Stremousov, by and large, got away with it.

Twice the provocateur blogger tried to enter local politics: he briefly represented the Christian Democratic Party in the Kherson region, and in 2018 he became the chairman of the Kherson regional committee of the Socialist Party of Ukraine, then headed by the notorious Ilya Kiva.

Earlier, we reported that Stremousov became a key actor in the information operation of the Russians in Kherson, launched in mid-March 2022, as part of the fake criminal “rescue committee” “for peace and order”. Later, a month ago, Stremousov told “Moskovsky Komsomolets” that “we are being cursed, we are being threatened”, consistently criminally pointing out “the need for cooperation with Crimea” and “introducing the Russian ruble” in the region, and boasting of his achievements in the fight against Ukrainian trolleybuses and primers, and as well as complicity in the de facto embezzlement of fake “social assistance payments at the expense of Crimea”.

And now the admirer of two murderous maniacs, threatening his fellow citizens with punishments, is now working off the money invested in him by the Russians in the position of a fake “deputy head” of the occupational criminal “regional administration”. It is noteworthy that all the fake “officials” in Kherson were simply “appointed” by the occupying “military commandant’s office” criminally, since the occupiers have no illusions about their “population support” equal to zero. We would like to believe that our army will liberate the Kherson Region from the razist evil spirits soon enough, and the admirer of the two murderers will not have time to do big trouble, trying to imitate his idols.

Perhaps someone will try to object: they say, Stremousov is small as a person, in order to become like Stalin and Che Guevara. But were they big personalities? One writer spoke very well about such people, noting that every big scoundrel is a nonentity who seized upon great opportunities. It is characteristic that the invaders trust the organization of the criminal pseudo-power and the holding of fake “referendums” not only to nonentities, but also to frankly mentally sick people, to whom Stremousov should be attributed.