During 2020-2021, our Association repeatedly wrote about the close connection of the so-called “head of Crimea” Serhey Aksyonov and the fake peninsula’s “speaker of the state council” Vladimir Konstantinov with general criminal and pro-Russian circles of Moldova on both banks of the Dniester.

After the Russian generals announced criminal plans to “reach the borders of Moldova” and to fake “protect the Russian-speaking population of Transnistria” in the Russian-occupied regions of the republic, a series of “terrorist acts” apparently directed by the Kremlin were carried out.

It is now known that Crimean collaborators have been tasked with maximizing their own ties in Moldovan criminal circles in order to facilitate Russian aggression and the hypothetical occupation of Chisinau.

The Kremlin expects to operate criminally in Moldova in a “special operation” that failed in Ukraine, with a “hybrid” seizure of power there and the bringing to power of a pro-Russian government. At the same time, the aggressor plans to intensify attacks on Kryvyi Rih and Mykolayiv, acting with a criminal focus on Moldova.

As the Kremlin is well aware of the capabilities and resilience of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the main focus can be on the “fifth column” in Moldova, which will be “legitimized” as a fake “fight against Romanian and Ukrainian nationalists and terrorists”.

Our Association has repeatedly reported to the authorized structures of the UN and the OSCE on the terrorist dimension of the Kremlin-controlled Crimean collaborators, which Russian special services are targeting neighboring countries, including Moldova.

Thus, we noted the long unhealthy “interest” of the Crimean fake ‘government” in “trade” with Moldova, in particular through the port of Giurgiulești, which was supposed to be a cover for drug trafficking, human trafficking and weapons.