At present, it has become clear even for supporters of the “Russian world” and Russian colonizers of Crimea that the peninsula ceases to be a “key tourist region”, at least until the end of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

We have already written that the relevant logistical challenges in the transport connection with the region have not been resolved and currently cannot be physically resolved by the Russian invaders.

Although the occupation administration is still trying to urgently “create a picture” of the peninsula’s attractiveness for Russian vacationers, it is clear that “tourists” cannot and do not want to come to the front region.

However, the occupiers’ measures themselves become tragicomic, as they are reduced to the announcement of “memorable events” in Sevastopol on May 9, the empty “opening of the holiday season” of Simferopol on April 25 and the introduction of additional illegal trains from Russian Anapa to occupied Kerch “on May holidays”.

It is also noteworthy that injecting hysteria with alleged “shelling” and “sabotage” in Russia’s Belgorod, Bryansk and Kursk regions and in Russian-occupied areas of Moldova, the occupiers do not take similar measures to imitate the so-called “Ukrainian danger” in Crimea.

The aggressor’s propaganda only once again reported on the allegedly detained saboteurs on the “peninsula”, the posted videos are reminiscent of unsuccessful school theater productions.

This “silence” in the Crimea clearly proves that in fact the system of “Ukrainian sabotage” is organized by the Russians themselves, because they arise primarily where and when it is very beneficial to Russian propaganda. After all, really critical objects of Crimea remain intact now, and even fake “shellings” and “diversions” are not generated by the Russian special services.