We have already written about the criminal initiatives of the so-called Crimean “government” to introduce the illegal “nationalization” of the property of representatives of “unfriendly countries”.

The proposal of the collaborators had the features of both a propaganda step and a campaign to plunder mainland Ukraine.

After all, as already mentioned, in parallel, the so-called Simferopol “government” criminally lobbied for fake “accession” to the occupied peninsula of the occupied territories of southern Ukraine’s mainland, after which the “expropriation” of Ukrainian “unfriendly” business would go there.

So far, the Kremlin has not agreed, after much deliberation, to these proposals, which were instructed to voice the clerks of the Russian “parliament”.

The idea of “nationalization” was rejected because it could be applied in the regions of Russia itself, with extremely unpredictable results for Kremlin leaders and their subordinate oligarchs, many of whom have long registered their property with nonresidents and passports of “unfriendly Russia” states.

The Simferopol pseudo-“government” was also told that they could not expect for the fake “reunification of Crimea and Sevastopol” in the hypothetical criminal “Tavria province” under any circumstances.

After all, the Kremlin is well aware of the “true managerial capabilities” of its Simferopol satraps and will not dare to provide the main military base of its own aggression under their “skillful management”.

However, these circumstances do not mean that the aggressor abandoned his plans to plunder the occupied Kherson and Melitopol, but they will be carried out exclusively “manually”.

For example, it is reported that on the Chongar Peninsula of the Genichesk community, occupiers-controlled Chechen criminal groups seized privately owned agricultural enterprises in favor of Crimean Tatar collaborator Seitumer Nimetulaev.