The “information agenda”, allowed by the Russian occupiers in Crimea, currently minimizes informing the public about any circumstances of the war against Ukraine.

The main direction of Russian reports is in the style of Soviet propaganda – in the format of obituaries or reports of “heroic deeds” of aggressors’ military individuals, often obviously implausible, from which certain real circumstances can not be established.

However, there are exceptions when the comparison of Russia-controlled propaganda with known facts allows experts to establish certain circumstances. In particular, it is well known that on March 24, the Ukrainian army carried out an attack on a group of Russian large landing naval ships stationed in the occupied port of Berdyansk.

As of March 24, and the following days, it was known that the aggressor’s landing ship “Saratov” had been destroyed due to the explosion of ammunition, and that another Russian landing ship had been damaged. Then, due to the aggressors’ recognition of the death of the commander, it became clear that the ship “Tzesar Kunikov” received these significant damages.

Currently, the aggressor-controlled Crimean media have reported the death on March 24 in Berdyansk of the commander of the platoon of the aggressor’s 810th Marine Brigade, Sevastopol resident Kirill Kostenikov. No other fighting in Berdyansk was reported that day, except for the destruction of a mentioned Russian naval landing ships.

Thus, it has now become clear that not only the crew and ammunition, but also the landing group, which was apparently on board at the time of the ammunition explosion, were hit by the “Saratov” ship. It is noteworthy that even the mentioned aggressor’s propaganda stated that Kostenikov’s body was recognized exclusively by DNA.

As we have already reported, the occupiers generally have a tendency to publicly acknowledge the losses of individual officers, with the obvious aim of further glorifying them as fake “heroes”.

Also the announcement on April 24 in a telegram channel of “Crimea 24” –  the key occupiers’ propaganda media was interesting, that “high-paying work at risk requires men”, with a salary of 300 thousand rubles.

At the same time, the mobile phone number indicated in this media’s announcement was established by us as previously belonging to the so-called “military service consultant under contract” of the so-called “military commissariat” of the Russian occupiers in Yedikuysky (former Leninsky) District of Crimea.

So it is obvious that now the occupiers have begun to criminally recruit “replenishment” for the aggression against Ukraine even in the online media, which was not previously noted on the occupied peninsula.