Attempts to discredit arms supplies to Ukraine by other civilized nations have become the leitmotif of Russian propaganda and of the aggressor’s corresponding subversive activities in third countries. The Russia-controlled “Crimean media”, do not lag behind this general approach and massively publish relevant materials, instead of some information about the events on the peninsula and on the sad fate of hundreds of Crimeans, criminally involved in the Russian army.

For the most part, the Crimean media echoes the general fakes of Russian propaganda. In particular, readers will learn that Ukrainian soldiers allegedly “do not know how to use European anti-tank weapons”, which in fact destroyed at least many hundreds of Russian armored vehicles.

Readers are also informed about the supply of radiation and chemical protection equipment to Ukraine as alleged “signs of provocations being prepared by the Ukrainian army”, which according to this aggressor’s fake logic, should then possess nuclear weapons.

By the same logic, the presence of British instructors in Ukraine, announced by some media outlets, is declared as the arrival of “sabotage specialists” who allegedly have a specialty in “contract killings”.

In general, the “Crimean” representatives of the aggressor have not yet invented their own fakes in this area and are satisfied with “federal sources”. An exception was the enchanting statement of the infamous Georgy Muradov about the alleged creation of a “public petition” by his so-called “German friends” from Baden-Württemberg, which allegedly calls for an end to the supply of weapons to Ukraine.

At the same time, he did not indicate any contacts of Muradov’s new “friends” from the German agency of the Russian secret services, as well as the coordinates of the petition itself; it is not available in the open search in the German segment of the Internet.

Thus, either Muradov, an old resident of Russia’s sabotage structures, simply invented a non-existent petition, or probable German executors of this Russia-ordered fabrication want to remain anonymous, realizing their sad prospect of long-term communication with German counterintelligence.