The intention to attack the “Crimean Bridge”, announced on April 21 by the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine if such a practical possibility existed, caused hysteria among Russian officials and Crimean collaborators

Dmytro Medvedev’s threat to “destroy in response” some objects of mainland Ukraine has been voiced so far, and Dmytro Peskov has even stated that there was allegedly “a terrorist act announced”.

At the same time, since its construction, the “Crimean Bridge” has had its main goal of ensuring the militarization of the peninsula and the rapid transfer of military equipment, fuel and ammunition by Russian invaders from Russia to the Crimea.

To do this, the occupiers have significantly increased the capacity of the seized railway infrastructure in the Kerch-Dzhankoi section.

Since the fall of 2021, the “Crimean Bridge” has become a key tool in ensuring the preparation and subsequent implementation of Russian aggression against mainland Ukraine.

Thus, in the context of Russia’s ongoing aggression against Ukraine, the “Crimean Bridge” is a legitimate military target of the attack within the framework of Ukraine’s guaranteed right to self-defense.

Such an attack can take any form and the only limitation is to take reasonable steps to reduce casualties in the event of destruction or substantial damage to the facility.