Against the background of the systemic financial crisis in the aggressor state, which is growing into an economic one, Russian propaganda seeks to prove “the preservation of the well-being of Russians”, which leads to characteristic incidents.

In particular, yesterday the Russian state media reported that in the “south of Russia” the statistics for holiday season of 2022 will be no less than last year, which allegedly covered 10 million vacationers. At the same time, last year the occupiers reported on the alleged “seven million Russians who rested in the Crimea in a year”.

As the aggressor criminally considers the peninsula to be so-called part of the “south of Russia”, it is obvious that in reality the figure of 10 million, which covered both the Krasnodar Territory, with at least 5-6 million vacationers and other “Caucasus resorts” points, that “recovered” in in Crimea in 2021 up to 3 million of own citizens actually. This correlates with the Ukrainian experts’ data, who estimated a maximum of 2-2.5 million such persons per year.

Now collaborators in Simferopol refute expert assessments of the total collapse of the “recreational industry” by saying that “everything is going according to plan” and that “the holiday season will also be in Berdyansk”.

Currently, the occupiers have included persons, far from public administration practices, such as the janitor of one of the city’s enterprises, to the “key management” of in the occupation “administration” of Berdyansk.

Agressor gave the main illegal “tasks” of this administration, as the destruction of Ukrainian symbols, preparation for the “celebration” of Lenin’s birthday and May 1 and 9 in the style of “Russian world”, realizing that these “experts” are simply incapable of anything else.

It is also known that the occupiers are unable to significantly increase Russia’s passenger service with Crimea, both in the framework of the transfer of the railways of southern Russia to the “military rails” and due to the physical shortage of serviceable passenger cars.