The start of a large-scale aggression against Ukraine led to a transport collapse in Crimea, since illegal air traffic with Russia was stopped on the occupied peninsula, which provided up to 60 % of the flow of “tourists” until 2022.

Earlier, we reported that the most loaded railway communication between Russia and Crimea through the “Kerch Bridge” can provide up to 700 thousand passengers for three summer months, despite the fact that the occupiers announced an “unprecedented tourist season” for 2022 with 9 million vacationers.

It is obvious that protracted hostilities in close proximity to the Crimea are forcing the occupiers to “invent” new ways of delivering “tourists” to the peninsula.

Recently, it was announced that the Lukashenko’s regime will allegedly sent two Minsk-Simferopol railroad cars from May 24 as a trailer to the Moscow-Simferopol train. This criminal initiative of the Belarusian “authorities” is primarily propaganda in nature, because even these cars, with an expected travel time of one and a half to two days, even filled daily, this will give no more than 10 thousand “tourists” for the summer season.

In this situation, the propaganda of the occupiers began to urge the Russians to get to the peninsula to “rest” on their own vehicles. It is reported that this trip from Moscow will take “only” a day and will cost from 14 thousand rubles per car.

However, such “tourism” is unlikely to be of interest to the Kremlin “elite”, as well as “budget tourists”, whom Russian enterprises and institutions have been sending to Crimea since 2015 “according to the order”, handing them “budget vouchers”. It is also apparently inaccessible to most remote regions of Russia.

Thus, the Crimea loses the role of a “mass resort” before its de-occupation, in fact, due to the described logistical problems, with corresponding consequences for the remnants of the regional economy.