Following the imposition of sanctions on the aggressor state by leading software companies, such as “Apple” and “Google”, many Russian “experts” and propagandists have said that Russians will “use the Crimean experience” to circumvent software sanctions, including by using VPN programs, ie so-called “virtual private networks”.

However, as even Crimean propagandists now have to admit, eight years of sanctions’ “experience” will not work for the Russian population, as the free VPN programs will not be able to support tens of millions of Russians at once, and a paid VPN cannot be paid for by a Russian subscriber directly due to the same sanctions. To succeed in this combination, Russians are advised to use the Chinese payment system, which is integrated into a special application that should be downloaded.

It is also currently recognized in Crimea that users of “Android” mobile devices, but not “iPhones”, can somehow master online payments, in particular through “pirated programs” and “Russian analogues”. Experts, controlled by the aggressor have no answers to these questions, but they advise “not to throw away the iPhone” because “the people are cunning and will find a way”, but they do not report – what one exactly.

At the same time, Crimean “commercial bloggers”, who have faced both the above-mentioned sanctions and the blocking of the “Facebook” and “Instagram” applications by the aggressor, declare a “transition to the Chinese model”, when all Internet-related businesses are concentrated in one or more government-controlled programs and networks. The only difference will be that for both Crimea and Russia iself, it will be the Chinese Communist government, which is in full control of Chinese-made programs and applications.

However, the Russian invaders’ “administration” itself creates typical problems for “ordinary” commercial payments. For example, the so-called Sevastopol “tax service” now requires entrepreneurs to submit “reports” exclusively on white office paper, which is currently non-existent in the occupied Crimea. Invaders-controlled fake “tax service” refuses to accept “tax reporting” on “import-substituted” yellow paper, produced in Russia without European reagents.