The destruction of the missile cruiser “Moskva” created in the occupied Crimea not only a somewhat new military situation, but it also changed the “political reality”. If before April 14 dissatisfaction with the “weakness of command” of the Black Sea Fleet and with its “low efficiency” had no public dimension and primarily “boiled” among the Russian secret services, now it is openly expressed by Russian propagandists.

Also, the aggressor-controlled “experts” are calling for the removal of “extra” sailors from the Black Sea Fleet’s crews and its thechnic coastal support and for transfer them to the Russia’s 810th Marine Brigade, then sent to the front in Donetsk and Kherson regions. Of course, such a prospect of real death was bad news for the Black Sea Fleet’s crews, which are accustomed to “parade” ob-board service “under contract”, without obvious threats to their own lives.

At the same time, the 810th Sevastopol Marine Brigade is hastily preparing an aggressor for a “landing operation”, and it is there that the Fleet’s “punished crews’ members” can be transferred there from the Black Sea Fleet’ ships and technic detachments. Earlier it was reported that the Marines of the Russia’s 810th Brigade rebelled on ships for fear of landing in the Odessa region to certain death, and then suffered heavy losses near Mariupol, leading hostilities on land.

According to representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the landing by the aggressor can be carried out in the Sea of Azov, most of which is controlled by the Russian invaders.

Thus, the purpose of “landing” may be primarily demonstrative, propagandistic in nature, in order to “restore the reputation of the fleet”. After all, the occupiers could, of course, draw the same Russia’s 810th Brigade to the land battle zone, not so “heroically”, but with the hope of at least moving the military without great losses.

At the same time, the occupiers’ “administration”, due to the panic of the city’s population, is now forced to explain in the media why the aggressor was not introduced so called “yellow level of terrorist threat” in Sevastopol as it was done in some areas of AR Crimea