For several days, Russian propaganda consistently spread “news” about the training of “student construction detachments” in Sevastopol. These structures were already established periodically by the occupiers after 2014, and their practical role was limited to propaganda campaigns such as “subbotniks” and “restoration of war monuments”.

One could predict the involvement of such a seasonal “labor force” in aid to the agricultural sector of the region, where the need for manual labor has increased with the introduction of sanctions covering technological equipment. However, currently the so-called Sevastopol’s “governor” has announced the involvement of “student groups” in the “restoration of Donbass”.

In practical terms, such a workforce has objective shortcomings, and currently the only applied form of relevant labor is to dismantle the debris destroyed by the aggressor Mariupol. Although fighting is going on in the city, the aggressor plans to hold a “victory parade” there on May 9 for propaganda purposes.

It is obvious that for this purpose it is necessary to dismantle blockages and destroyed buildings at least on several streets of Mariupol. After all, the fake “leaders” of terrorist “people’s republics” probably have limited resources and capabilities for this.

It is noteworthy that at the same time the aggressor’s propaganda claims that “the railway connection between Crimea and Donbass has been restored”. The only possible railway branch between Volnovakha and Tokmak is near the zone of active hostilities. Therefore, the occupiers will obviously need manpower to keep this branch in working order, not counting the possible losses among the “construction detachments”.