Since the beginning of the aggressor’s occupation of certain districts of Zaporizhzhia and Kherson oblasts, Russian propaganda has boasted of supplies of alleged “humanitarian aid” from the Crimea and “establishment of trade” with the peninsula. At the same time, the aggressor carried out a commodity blockade of the occupied territories of mainland Ukraine, which made normal economic activity impossible there.

Recently, as our Association has already written, the fake “mayor” of Melitopol, controlled by the occupiers, admitted in a comment to Russian propaganda that “humanitarian aid” from Crimea is in fact “commercial convoys”. The “team”, controlled by collaborators and the Russian military, sold the convoy’s goods in the town to its population through the occupiers-captured trade networks and gas stations with a huge “margin”. A similar situation is developing in the Kherson region.

However, such a “tasty” business of reselling goods with maximum “cheating”, provided for residents blocked by the invaders of Kherson and Melitopol, as they have no other alternative, did not satisfy other occupiers’ groups. Therefore, the aggressor has now illegally restored not only “border” but also “customs control” on the lane between occupied Crimea and occupied mainland Ukraine.

Some Crimean collaborators, who were thus removed from the relevant “business”, are currently expressing public outrage. At the same time, fake “ex-minister of transport of Crimea” Anatoliy Tsurkin, who is close to the same-fake “head of the Crimea” Aksyonov, publicly welcomes the “return of customs control”.

This “transporter” states that he currently needs a “transportation coordinator”, as he certainly sees a candidate from the clan of the Aksyonov’s former gangster group “Seylem”

It will be recalled that before the so-called “commodity blockade” of the occupied Crimea, various businessmen tried in 2014-2015 to earn huge fortunes in trade across the administrative border. In the current situation, the occupiers’ “customs control” means the centralization of the collection of all kinds of “taxes” and “informal” levies on the flow of goods through the occupiers-controlled entry-exit points.

In addition, “customs control” will mean increasing economic and financial pressure from the aggressor state on the occupied areas of mainland Ukraine, because the invaders’ “customs” will ensure the movement of goods from the Crimea to the Ukraine’s mainland, and not vice versa.

The absence of a legal Ukrainian administration in the occupied territories and the further quarrel between the Russian army and the FSB over determitaion a certain form of criminal “people’s power” in Melitopol and Kherson make “customs operations” on the “border” between the two Russia-occupied occupied territories as “Klondike” for those Russian groups, who currently control the fake “customs”.

Of course, the occupiers’ army forces will try to establish their own schemes of trade flows, in particular – stolen property, goods and raw materials under the guise of “military needs”, including drug and arms trafficking.