According to the Crimean TV, working for the Russian occupiers, the so called “revival” of the Kherson Region’s districts captured by the aggressor country is the distribution of Russian “humanitarian aid”. Such a conclusion can be drawn from the announcement plot of the Krym24 TV channel, whose illegal editorial policy is focused on supporting the occupation of the peninsula and the war that Russia is waging against Ukraine.

The TV channel announced the “launch of news’ collections”, which, allegedly, will talk about the Kherson Region. The video announcing these news releases became self-incriminating for the Crimean propagandists.

Of the 28 seconds of the total running time of the video, most of it, 16 seconds, are shots taken in Kherson on Svoboda Square during the distribution of the so-called “humanitarian aid” by the Russian occupiers. The rest of the timekeeping is given over to archival footage, most likely taken from the network or “borrowed” from the archive of the Kherson branch of the Public Ukrainian Television, whose office and studio were occupied by rashists occupied in the first half of March 2022.

The archival footage that the occupiers were going to play shows the life of the Kherson Region before the occupation: the construction of a bridge between the “KhBK” and “Tauride” microdistricts and the wholesale market in Veluky Kopani village. And against the background of these shots, the Russia-controlled announcer’ text sounds about the so called “revival of the fertile Kherson region”, allegedly “liberated” by the Russians,.

That is, footage from the pre-war life of the region was used as an illustration of the fake “revival”, and “liberation” is bringing the inhabitants of the region to the point where they are forced to take the so-called “humanitarian aid” from enemies.

It turns out that the TV men serving the occupiers, unwillingly, eloquently revealed the whole essence of the occupation: this is the “liberation” of the inhabitants of the Kherson region from normal life, which, although of course, was not “carefree prosperity”, but was definitely an order of magnitude better than what Kherson residents have now. The propagandists from “Krym24” unwittingly made it clear that the occupation of the Kherson Region was not a fake “liberation”, but a big disaster for the region.