On April 10, we reported that the occupiers in Crimea had worked out a criminal scheme to abduct minors forcibly removed from mainland Ukraine. Children with injuries are placed in Crimean hospitals, with the subsequent registration of fictitious “Russian documents” indicating another, fake child’s name and surname. In the future, these “renamed” allegedly “Russian” children are taken to orphanages in Russia itself.

At present, we have a new confirmation of the systematic practice of criminal “re-registration” of minors abducted from mainland Ukraine. The aggressor-controlled local newspaper “Yevpatoriyska Zdravnitza” recently published a de facto instruction for similar scheme of criminal “re-registration”, under the cynical name “there are no other people’s children”.

The publication quotes the so-called “head of the department of guardianship and custody of the department for minors and protection of their rights”, acting in Russia-controlled “administration of Yevpatoria” Irina Cherletskaya. She claims that children taken from the Ukraine’s mainland who were deprived of their parents or whose parents were killed by Russian invaders are “registered” in the Crimea by the occupiers in the form of so-called “temporary tutelage”.

The occupiers provide “guardianship” for a period of six months; at the same time, only the passport of the “accompanying person”, his “migration card” and “act of living conditions” are needed to issue them “documents”, all information about the child’s data is actually recorded just from the words of the “accompanying person”, who may have no any relation to this kidnapped child.

Thus, the “charitable services” controlled by the occupiers, which massively take children out of the war zone in Donetsk, Zaporizhia and Kherson oblasts, can act as such “temporary tutelages” and freely issue “tutelage documents” with any fictitious personal documents of such stolen children. For such Ukraine’s kidnapped children, criminal “tutelage” can then obtain fake “Russian citizenship” and transfer child to Russia for “adoption”.

Remindign once again, that according to Article 2 (e) of the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide in 1948, the crime of genocide includes the forcible transfer of children from one human group to another.