Prior to the large-scale aggression against Ukraine, the propaganda of the occupiers in Sevastopol did not have strong respect for Ukraine and Ukrainians. At the same time, since March 2022, the level of artificially inflated Ukrainophobia in the city has reached unprecedented levels, and is artificially supported by the Russian invaders’ special services.

For example, in addition to the agressor’s usual explanations to the readers about the abstract “danger” of fake “Ukrainian fascism” and the need for its alleged “eradication”, Russian-controlled media constantly cite “relevant examples from the life” of the city.

For example, the ban on the sale of the “Vecherniy Kyiv” cake brand in the shopping center was approved, allegedly at the request of visitors. Also as an example of “good behavior”, it is reported that a child displaced from Kakhovka gave a request to get explaination of the incomprehensible material in Ukrainian, but a teacher, Russian occupier’s wife, make to pupil a strict instruction on the “culture of visiting behavior” and the inadmissibility of speaking Ukrainian.

Russian-controlled bloggers in Sevastopol write about “threats from the Bandera underground” and at the same time they report on alleged detainees, who wrote pro-Ukrainian slogans in city. The pro-Russian city media continued to promote the FSB’s teatral statement in early March about the alleged “beating of a KGB veteran by a Ukrainian Nazi”.

In addition to these purely propagandistic measures, it is worth to mention the “command and staff exercises: suddenly organized in Sevastopol on April 12-14 by a number of occupiers’ “services”, which will be aimed at allegedly “protecting the population from natural disasters”. At the same time it is announced that city will “test the alert system” in connection with the alleged possible “violation of living conditions and loss of basic necessities”.

Therefore, although the occupiers did not introduce a “yellow level of terrorist danger” in Sevastopol, as it happened yesterday in the occupied Crimea and some parts of Russia, at present, we can observe the occupiers’ information training to carry out provocations in Sevastopol in the form of pumping up anti-Ukrainian hysteria and a sense of danger. At the same time, the occupiers claimed before for a long time to the population that “nothing threatens Sevastopol”.

According to experts, such provocations aimed at criminal discrediting Ukraine and the Ukrainian army could consist of Russian special services’ sabotage on civilian critical infrastructure, including those that can be claimed as “the use of chemical weapons”. It is also possible that Russian special services will carry out terrorist acts against the city’s population, accusing them of “Ukrainian underground”.