As of April 10, it became known that the occupiers had illegally hoisted their flag over Kherson’s administrative buildings, trying to hold fake “rally in support of Russia” with a dozen actors in Nova Kakhovka, and dispersing mass pro-Ukrainian rallies in Kherson and Kakhovka.

The Ukrainian General Staff further reports that in Nova Kakhovka, the occupiers are preparing “campaign” materials to hold a criminal pseudo-“referendum” on the formation of a fake “people’s republic”.

Experts also say that the occupiers “appointed” corrupt Sergei Kulchikovsky as another fake “governor” of the Kherson region and carry him, with the maximum protection of Russian soldiers, in the communities of the region.

At the same time, as we have already reported, the other day at the airport in Chaplynka, the “head of the republic” Sergey Aksyonov, who had been brought from Crimea, announced to the local non-numerous collaborators about the aggressor’s criminal intentions to “annex Kherson region to Crimea”.

Today, a similar criminal statement was made publicly by the “deputy” of the Russia’s State Duma Mikhail Sheremet, announcing the “need to restore the Tavriya Province”. It will be recalled that such a formation existed in the Russian Empire regarding lands of the Crimea and Tavria between the peninsula and the Dnieper.

The contradiction of these various criminal approaches of the invaders to the Kherson region has already been identified by our Association, and is now confirmed even by Russian terrorist Igor Strelkov, who said that allegedly “the FSB does not know what the Russia’s military is doing and vice versa” in the occupied Kherson region.

We have already written that direct criminal administrative control over the Kherson region from Simferopol is lobbied primarily by the Russian military and the Aksyonov’s clan of the “head of Crimea” – the former because of the “convenience of logistics” and the latter – through their direct access to profit and robbery.

It will be recalled that the mentioned “Duma deputy” Sheremet has been Aksyonov’s proxy for the last thirty years, his ally in the “Seylem” gang and in the “pro-Russian” pseudo-parties in the Crimea.

Since the beginning of the occupation of the peninsula in 2014, Sheremet became a formal “commander” of the “Crimean self-defense”, created by Russian special services, but since 2016 he was “appointed” by the occupiers to a completely fake chair of the “Crimea-origin Duma deputy” because of his zero managerial qualities.

In this “position”, in addition to current statements about the “Tavriya Province”, Sheremet “became famous” for brutally beating a disabled person during a “meeting with voters” in Dzhankoy and by his complicity in the murder of an activist in Krasnokamyanka, who exposed land fraud near Gurzuf, where Aksyonov, Sheremet and Natalia Poklonskaya took part. These Sheremet’s actions were carefully covered by our Association.

Opponents of Aksyonov’s and Sheremet’s “Crimean” option for Kherson, which are now among the leaders of the FSB and some Kremlin clans, are now pinning their main hopes on “logistical and personnel assistance in forming a separate republic” with the help from fake-terrorist “Donetsk republican leaders”, and not from Simferopol collaborators.

This is, in particular, related to the mass involvement by Russians the so-called “militia”, criminally “mobilized” by the aggressor from residents of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, as “cannon fodder” in the occupied Kherson region

At the same time, the extremely low moral qualities of such a terrorist “army of people’s republics” were reported, as well as of their mass desertion and self-mutilation, which objectively reduces the weight of “Donetsk republican’s stocks” against Kherson in the eyes of the Kremlin.

On the other hand, all the statements of the Crimean collaborators of the Aksonov clan about the involvement of “Crimean self-defense veterans” in hostilities turned out to be fake. After all, almost none of Sheremet’s former “subordinates” wanted to voluntarily become an organic fertilizer for Kherson melons, and the aggressor is not yet conducting direct “mobilization” in Crimea for “political reasons”.

Thus, the above-described criminal dilemma of the fake “new order of the Kherson region” will face the aggressor until the inevitable deoccupation of Ukrainian Tavria by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.