According to the Ukrainian authorities, as of April 9, Russian troops are concentrating repair shops and military hospitals in the occupied territories of Kherson and Zaporizhia regions, where they are facing an acute shortage of personnel and medicines.

Under such conditions, it is not surprising that three days ago a special medical train of the Russia’s Krasnoyarsk Railway “Doctor Voino-Yasenetsky – St. Luke” arrived at the Dzhankoy station in the occupied Crimea.

This train of 13 cars was designed for a dual purpose – in peacetime it serves as a clinic for remote stations in Siberia, and in the military – a mobile ambulance for the wounded.

It is noteworthy that earlier this train did not leave the Krasnoyarsk Territory and on March 27 it was operating normally at the Siberian station Reshoty. The train capacity is up to 200 patients per day, and Russia has a total of five such trains.

Currently, the value of such trains for the Russian army lies in the presence of diagnostic equipment from Europe, Israel and Japan, although somewhat outdated. It is noteworthy that Russian propaganda does not cover the train’s stay in Crimea, but it is impossible to hide its stay at the station from local residents. It is possible that this train will be sent to the Russian-occupied territory of Kherson or Zaporizhia regions as a sanitary reception for the wounded Russian troops.

According to local residents south of Dzhankoy, the Russian occupiers located a temporary storage facility for Russian equipment damaged in battles with the Ukrainian army, primarily tanks and armored personnel carriers, numbering several hundred units.