The Russia’s General Staff said on the evening of April 9 that yesterday the Ukrainian military allegedly “tried to get out of Mariupol” using the “Apache” merchant ship under the Maltese flag, which the Russian General Staff called as allegedly “Ukrainian dry cargo”.

The aggressor reported that on the evening of April 8, the “Apache” vessel allegedly tried to “break into Mariupol” while traveling from the Taganrog Bay to the Kerch Strait.

The aggressor’s General Staff admitted that the Russian military, namely the navy’s ships and “border guards’ vessels” fired on the ship “Apache”, after which a fire broke out on the bulk carrier.

This message became a characteristic misinformation of the Russian General Staff. After all, the “APACHE” vessel number IMO 8955586 is indeed under the Maltese flag, while the operator of the ship is the Turkish company “Misha Shipping” registered in Istanbul, founded by businessmen of Russian origin.

“Misha Shipping” businessmen operate their ships, in particular on Russia’s inland waterways, where no aggressor will be allowed to enter any ship connected with Ukraine.

Thus, the “APACHE” merchant vessel had no connection with Ukraine or Ukrainian business during its probable voyage towards the Kerch Strait.

It is noteworthy that this ship “APACHE” last night, according to navigation systems, was still on a raid on the Russian port of Rostov-on-Don and its “rapid transition” to Mariupol in a few hours on evening of 8th of April itself becomes implausible.

According to the above-pointed “inconsistencies” in the message of the Russian General Staff, most likely the provocation with this “APACHE” vessel was arranged by the Russians after they for some reason fired at this ship in Taganrog Bay on the night of April 8-9.

Now the Russians are trying to hide and distort the incident from the authorities of the APACHE flag state, namely Malta, and are spreading a false version of events in order to avoid responsibility for another violation of international maritime law.