As we previously reported, the propaganda of the Russian invaders boasts of “establishing economic cooperation” between the occupied areas of the Kherson Region and Crimea, including “supplies of agricultural products to the peninsula”.

Of course, the occupiers simply confiscated some of these reserves from the region’s farms, but the aggressor uses other measures to “squeeze” the region’s resources.

In particular, the so-called “military commander” of the occupiers in Nova Kakhovka issued an “order”, requiring all food sellers to sell them at a margin of no more than 10% of the prices that existed before the Russian aggression. The minimum penalty is defined for “violators” as the “confiscation of products and equipment”.

In fact, this means that it is physically unprofitable for food producers to sell their goods to the population of Kherson region; thus, they are economically “stimulated” by the Russian occupiers for supplies to the Crimea, in respect of which there are no “restrictions” in the markup.

Thus, the Russian invaders used the same “price scissors” to pump out agricultural products from the Kherson Region as their Soviet predecessors during the “dispossession” period that preceded the Holodomor of the Ukrainian people.

The Kremlin’s plans to criminally “nationalize” the property of “Ukrainian nationalists”, the “bill” on which was recently proposed to Moscow by the fake “Crimean authorities”, also correspond to the planned “dispossession” of Kherson Region’s agricultural business.

It will be recalled that recently in Chaplynka the so-called “Crimean republican bosses” together with the Russian military informed some Kherson’s collaborators, expelled by them for a “meeting”, about the Kremlin’s criminal plan to fake “annexation” of the occupied Kherson region to the so-called “republic of Crimea”.