From the first day of large-scale aggression against Ukraine, Russian propaganda emphasized the alleged “power” of Russian missile weapons, which are widely used against mainland of Ukraine.

In particular, missile weapons against Ukraine were used by Black Sea Fleet ships, strategic aircraft and the aggressor’s ground-based forces located in Crimea.

These missile launches from the Crimea have now become a “favorite topic” of Russian propaganda, which cynically calls these actions “calibration” of Ukrainians.

At the same time, due to the crisis of replenishment of “Caliber” and “Iskender” missiles due to the presence of European parts, the Russian invaders are now actively using Soviet “Onyx” and “Tochka-U” missiles.

The first casualties among the civilian population due to such shelling were already on the morning of February 24, in particular in Uman, and their number is growing daily.

Another war crime of the aggressor was the shelling of the “Tochka-U” railway station in Kramatorsk during the evacuation of civilians, which led to at least 27 dead and more than a hundred wounded.

It should be noted that the aggressor repeatedly fired at the Barvenkove-Slavyansk-Kramatorsk railway, which became, according to “Ukrzaliznytsia”, key line to evacuating the population of Donetsk region to safe regions of Ukraine.

Thus, according to the statement of the Russia’s ministry of defense, on the morning of April 8, the Russian invaders again fired at these stations with “high-precision air-based missiles”.

At the same time, “Tochka-U” missiles are also in the arms of the aggressor and were actively used by him to destroy Ukrainian infrastructure.

The aggressor was well aware of the evacuation of civilians on this railway section.

Therefore, these missile strikes obviously had no military purpose, and therefore, by definition, the new war crimes of the Russians are another manifestation of their inhumane policy against the entire Ukrainian people.