The large-scale aggression against Ukraine, which began in February 2022, was accompanied by fake demands from the Kremlin, which included, among other things, so called “recognition” of the attempted annexation Crimea.

We have already argued that this demand is obviously unfulfilled, that it is obvious to the aggressor state, and that the Russians will try to block by such demand any negotiations on a hypothetical ceasefire, withdrawal of troops, compensation for losses, and so on.

Condemnation of Russian aggression by civilized states, and then of Russian war crimes committed by Russians in Ukraine, of course makes absolutely impossible any their “concessions” to the occupiers regarding their actions in Crimea.

It is noteworthy that even the Lukashenko regime, which at the end of 2021 made anti-Ukrainian statements about the peninsula, has now stopped mentioning the Crimea.

Russian propagandists now consider the agreements on the supply of “Crimean curing mud” to Belarus and the illegal “air connection” with Simferopol, whose airport has been closed for a long time due to large-scale hostilities in Ukraine, to be the greatest “success” in Minsk.

Therefore, the measures of “promotion of the Russian Crimea” by the Russian special services, whose approaches have changed little since 2014, are becoming especially meaningless.

Except that the occupiers have suspended work on the Eurasian People’s Assembly, as the aggressor is trying to quickly model “new approaches” in promoting “Russian world” in third countries due to the collapse of the blitzkrieg in Ukraine.

Instead, Georgiy Muradov, the unchanging “representative of himself under the president of Russia”, announces another “Yalta Economic Forum” on autumn, 2022 and held another “Days of Crimea in Armenia” on 5-6 April, 2022.

We have already covered the tragicomic nature of the occupiers’ “Armenian activities” regarding the Crimea, which has led Crimean “officials” to corruption ties in the South Caucasus in recent years and to make them enter the orbit of the relevant Armenian services.

On the other hand, the political awkwardness of the “Crimean holidays” held in Armenia in 2019-2021 made key executors of the Kremlin’s plans toxic even for the Armenian official leadership.

It is symptomatic that in Yerevan Crimean “officials” held a series of “official meetings” with Russian diplomats, and in fact Armenian officials themselves bypassed the April Simferopol’s “delegation” as lepers .

This is not surprising, because now Mr. Muradov is proposing to the Yerevan authorities not only to “recognize the Russian peninsula” criminally but also to “join the Union State” of Russia and Belarus.

After the “breakthrough results” of these “Crimean days” in Yerevan, which were reduced to promises to supply Armenian dried fruits to the Crimea, Mr. Muradov plans to visit occupied Sukhumi with similar proposals.

But it is noteworthy that even the self-proclaimed Abkhazian government is currently refusing to “continue to integrate with Russia”, so Moscow’s propagandists and saboteurs will be able to get some more dried fruit in Sukhumi only.