According to media reports, on April 6, an occupation contingent consisting of “Rosguard” troops and additional forces of soldiers of the so called “people’s republics” committed a number of crimes against civilians in Novooleksiyivka, Kherson Region, adjacent to Crimea.

The occupiers used armored vehicles to fire on several households, as well as an on apartment building near a local school. At least several civilians were seriously injured and at least two apartments were completely destroyed by the fire. Some local civilians were reported as killed by Russian invaders also. On the territory of the school and the private housing sector there are ammunition left after the “cleansing”, which threatens civilians.

Also due to inconsistencies in their actions, several Russian occupiers were injured in the so-called “friendly fire”. The situation in the Henichesk community remains extremely difficult, with “Rosguard” posts on the territory, as well as “positions of soldiers of the people’s republics”, which, unlike Russian punitive forces, transferred from the Crimea, have a low level of amunition and low fighting qualities.

According to the Crimean Tatar Resource Center, several local community leaders flatly refused to cooperate with the Russian occupiers in that district.