The collapse of the blitzkrieg of Russian aggression on mainland Ukraine and the detection and documentation of systemic Russian war crimes, committed on Russia-occupied and later liberated territories of Kyiv and Chernihiv regions are forcing the aggressor’s propaganda to intensify.

The objective anti-war sentiments of the majority of Crimeans in this situation are supplemented by information about the killed “conscripts” and “contractors” from among the inhabitants of the peninsula, who were foolish to entrust their lives to the Russian army.

But the main problem for Russian propaganda, which continues to incite military hysteria, is the Crimean residents, who survived the battle, where used by aggressors as “gun meat” but became invalids.

They are currently being “discharged” from hospitals and returns en masse to relatives; of course, these persons currently have no desire to reproduce Russian propaganda now.

Under such conditions, the occupiers declare “nationalization of the property of Ukrainian oligarchs”, “renaming of streets” and “deprivation of honorary titles and awards” for Ukrainian politicians, but for obvious reasons, these actions have little effect on the mood of the Crimean residents.

It is noteworthy that Russian propagandists, as evidence of the “success of the fight against nationalists”, spread information about the pro-Ukrainian inscriptions and graffiti that have been successfully painted by the “communal services” of various cities on the peninsula.

At the same time, key collaborators on the peninsula, such as Serhiy Aksyonov and Volodymyr Konstantinov, are currently exacerbating the level of anti-Ukrainian hysteria in their statements.

Given that these “officials” are well aware of the level and scale of war crimes committed by Russian troops and mercenaries in mainland Ukraine, their current statements are attepmpts to “justify” and calls for the genocide of the Ukrainian people.