As of the beginning of April, large-scale aggression against Ukraine completely made it impossible for Ukrainian ports on the Sea of Azov to operate.

At the same time, even Russian propaganda acknowledges that shipping to Azov’s Russian ports like Rostov-on-Don is subject to restrictions due to “safety requirements” and that “unimpeded passage of ships through the Kerch Strait is possible only to local ports” – Kerch and Taman.

By these actions, the aggressor allegedly seeks to “protect” the Kerch Bridge from “possible incidents”, and restricts any navigation for this purpose.

Under such conditions, another order of the Russia’s “ministry of transport” is currently introducing another “closed area for navigation” in the Kerch Strait, where only the Russian military will be located.

Of course, this has little effect on the “safety” of the Bridge from its destruction by modern weapons, in particular from the international waters of the Black Sea.

It is noteworthy that by blocking the Kerch Strait and the Sea of Azov for navigation, the Russian army continues to spread misinformation about “floating Ukrainian mines”

Under such conditions, the aggressor’s “consent” to the Turkish authorities about the alleged “possibility of evacuating” third-country nationals from Mariupol by civilian ships remains either a Russia’s outright lie or a provocation.

It will be recalled that in 2015, Russian mercenaries were already actively using floating mines near Mariupol, including to impress civilian objects.