On April 2, the Russia’s government approved a resolution excluding the occupied Crimea “from the region that receives refugees”.

Earlier, the occupiers “officially placed” 4.5 thousand “refugees” from Ukraine’s mainland on the peninsula, and the aggressor’s propaganda claimed various figures, from 30,000 to 650 people who arrived on the peninsula from the war zone.

The decision to refuse to house “refugees” and to deport displaced persons from Crimea to Russia was formally approved by the Kremlin at the request of the so-called “ministry of emergency situations of Crimea”, allegedly because of the “next summer holiday season, when maximum turists’ accommodation is expected”.

This reason for deportation is obviously untrue, not only because under Russian aggression in southern mainland Ukraine, the occupiers have at least logistical problems with the physical delivery of “millions of tourists” to Crimea.

The matter is different, because the steppe part of the peninsula, Simferopol, Kerch, etc. are certainly not places of tourists’ recreation of and at the same time those districts have a relatively large capacity for settlement.

In addition, the occupiers made no secret of the fact that they planned to disperse the “refugees” not in the resorts, but in the rural areas of the Crimea for their forced involvement in agriculture.

In fact, the real grounds for “closing” Crimea for displaced persons and for their criminal deportation to Russia were the pro-Ukrainian position of the vast majority of internally displaced persons identified by the aggressor.

The aggressor state seeks to avoid their presence on the peninsula, given that the war zone is located in the neighboring regions of Ukraine and will eventually approach the Crimea.

It is noteworthy that at the same time the Russian invaders also “ends the school year in the region” ahead of schedule, announcing a “summer vacation” from May 16.

In addition, the same “ministry of emergency situations of Crimea” sent “official letters” to the “republican institutions and organizations” to increase preparedness for “victims and sabotage”.

But after the facts were announced, the “officials” publicly stated that these “letters” were allegedly a “provocation of Ukrainian nationalists”.