On April 1, Russian Propaganda Reported that the aggressor’s punitive structures allegedly wanted to “bring to justice” the “Crimean spring’s heroine” Natalia Poklonskaya for allegedly “accidentally” demonstrating by her a children’s drawing with the words “No to War” as part of Poklonskaya’ PR on “humanitarian aid”.

This news of Poklonskaya’s “discrediting the Russian army” seems like a Fool Day joke, but it’s not really that simple. Our Association informed readers in detail about the career of that “girl of low social responsibility”, as before so after 2014, and about her complicity not only in the occupation of Crimea, but in related general crimes.

Also, as part of the Kremlin’s failed adventure with the appointment of Poklonskaya as “Russia’s Ambassador to Cape Verde” in 2021, we pointed out that this person, due to his positive perception of European Russia by “deep TV viewers”, is considered by some Russian authorities’ clans as “one of the alternatives” for the possible “Russia’s early presidential elections”.

At present, the Kremlin is apparently making Poklonskaya a fictitious “very soft Russian opposition” and even a “victim of the regime” in order to further use her as a “media character” in civilized countries for lobbying the fake “Russian Crimea” and the “lifting sanctions that harm ordinary Russian children”.