As has been repeatedly pointed out, Russia does not hide that one of the real tasks of its large-scale aggression against Ukraine was to restore water supply to Crimea through the North Crimean Canal.

Since 2015, the aggressor has repeatedly stated that the lack of water in the canal allegedly led to a “water crisis” in Crimea.

Although in fact the main levers were the overpopulation of the peninsula by Russian troops and colonizers, as well as negligence of water management of the occupiers.

Our Association has repeatedly pointed out the wear and tear of the peninsula’s water distribution systems during the years of occupation and on the corruption schemes in the so-called “republican enterprise” “Water of Crimea”.

A month after the aggressor established illegal control over the canal in the Kherson Region, Russian propaganda reported the alleged launch of a pumping station near Dzhankoi and the “complete filling” of the Canal.

At the same time, this winter was rich in precipitation that led to the maximum filling of the Crimean reservoirs of surface runoff as of March 2022.

However, “strangely enough”, but in Simferopol and some other settlements of the peninsula, the occupiers have now introduced schedules of water supply, which is due to accidents of worn-out equipment.

The city of Yevpatoria has been without water supply at all for the second day since March 28 due to a break in the main water main near Priberezhne settlement.

Thus, neither the favorable weather nor the “breakthrough” of the North Crimean Canal led the aggressor to overcome the “water crisis” on the occupied peninsula, which has completely different grounds.

Thousands of Russian soldiers and hundreds of Crimean residents that were forcibly recruited by occupiers have already lost their lives in the steppes of Tavria to prove this simple fact.