As it was previously reported, the Russian invaders have significant problems with the formation of occupation “administrations” in the Kherson region.

In particular, in the Henichesk community, which the aggressor has controlled for more than a month, the occupiers have named Gennady Sivak, known for his involvement in the occupation of Crimea and the fighting against Ukraine in the Donetsk region, as a representative of the fake “powers”.

To “support” his criminal actions, the aggressor uses the family of collaborator Seitumer Nimetulaev, who until 2014 headed the local district administration and later in the Crimea he was appointed by the occupiers as “leader” of the fake “Crimean Tatar organization” “Kirim Birligi”.

It is noteworthy that in 2015-2021 “Kyrym Birligi’s” dealers tried to make money on illegal transportation in the Crimea and Henichesk district, racketeering and movement of goods and drugs across the line of demarcation.

Currently, the main figure in this group is Rustem Nimetulaev, who is allegedly collecting “humanitarian aid” for Henichesk in Crimea, so the occupiers are counting on the Nimetulaev clan to have “its own levers of influence” in the Kherson Region.

At the same time, in the public sphere, both Sivak and Nimetulayev are exclusively engaged in spreading Russian propaganda, as the occupiers have not yet trusted their own “administrative and financial resources” and the population does not want to follow their instructions.

Under such conditions, drug trafficking from the Crimea to the Kherson Region became a significant “support” for their activities, and the “goods” for their deals, according to our information, come to the peninsula from Syrian structures controlled by dictator Assad under cover of Russian military intelligence.

Currently, now both in the north of Crimea and in the Genichesk community, Syrian citizens have been spotted, who, under the guise of “participating in a special operation”, are most likely involved in the movement of drugs across the “border”.