As our Association has already reported, Crimea plays a key role in the aggressor’s plans to form fake “administrations” in the south of mainland Ukraine.

In addition to supplying collaborators from peninsula to Kherson and Melitopol to organize alleged “actions in support of the Russians” and involve “Crimean officials” from Russia-controlled punitive structures for repression against officials, businessmen and activists, the aggressor state seeks to control the wider population.

In particular, Russian propaganda announced “payments” of ten thousand rubles for “public sector workers and retirees” in the occupied mainland. Later, the occupiers showed a video with queues of “those who want to get help”.

The actual goal was not so much the “introduction of the Russian ruble” as the formation of appropriate “lists”, necessary for the aggressor to form illegal “authorities” and to conduct fake “referendums”.

In addition, as the Association’s experts argued, the event was apparently aimed at the mass misappropriation of these de facto “uncontrolled” funds by those involved, primarily the “head of the Crimea” Aksyonov.

It is noteworthy that in late March, Russian propaganda stated that “Russia allegedly paid almost 14 million rubles to the population of Ukraine as humanitarian aid”. Thus, the occupiers themselves declare the payment of “aid” to only 1,400 people, and this is if we imagine that not a single penny was stolen by the occupiers.

We will remind that the population of the Kherson area only makes more than one million persons, in area there are about one hundred settlements; the population of Melitopol is 150 thousand people and Berdyansk – 100 thousand people.

Thus, the loud occupiers’ statements do not intersect with reality and obviously the aggressor has problems with the formation of lists of persons “loyal” to the Russian occupation.