Russian propaganda claims that more than ten thousand so-called “refugees” from mainland Ukraine have arrived in Crimea and that the occupiers are allegedly “helping” these people.

At the same time, after those transferred from the war zone apply to the occupation “administration” and “register” with it, they are forced to undergo a so-called “medical examination”.

This procedure is reminiscent of the medical assessment of the “recruits” by the occupiers and aims to sort out the free “labor force”.

After all, people who do not have significant health problems are moving from the Crimea to remote the regions of Russia itself with harsh climatic conditions, especially in Eastern Siberia and the Far East.

Also, according to the results of the survey, men from among the “refugees”, whom the occupiers consider as so-called “citizens” of fake “republics of Donbass”, are transferred by the occupation “administration” for “mobilization” and further their use as “cannon fodder” in Eastern Ukraine.

The occupiers make no secret of their intention to leave up to 5,000 “refugees” in the occupied Crimea, not counting Sevastopol, from where the aggressors will evacuate absolutely all displaced persons from mainland Ukraine.

Due to the personnel crisis in the healthcare sector, the Russian invaders’ “administration” plans to leave the medical workers and workers specializing in the “resort industry” in the peninsula.

Other displaced persons who are “unlucky” with their education and who do not have the health to relocate to “large-scale Siberian business” will be provided with forced agricultural labor in the rural areas of the Crimean peninsula.

This approach is accompanied by the attitude of the occupiers, Russian colonizers and collaborators to “refugees” as “third-class people” because of “their long residence in nationalist Ukraine”.

As a resident of Mariupol wrote on social media about her “adventures” in Feodosia, “you are insatiable and do not get rich from a thousand or two, but you have already shown your “unity”.