The fake “governor” of Sevastopol, controlled by the aggressor, Mikhail Razvozzhayev, said on March 29 that the “federal target program’s” projects in the city would be allegedly “reoriented” from suppliers of civilized countries to “other sources”.

This is explained due to the sanctions imposed on the aggressor in 2022; separately “governor” indicates the next “postponement” of construction of sewage treatment plants station “Southern” (“Pivdenny” or “Yuzhnyie”). in the city

It will be recalled that, in fact, funding for the “federal program” was stopped by the aggressor before 2022 as part of a planned aggression against mainland Ukraine, as Crimea lost the role of a fake “showcase of Russian world” for the Kremlin.

After the Russian invaders’ failures near Mykolayiv, Kyiv, Zaporizhia and due their losses suffered, the occupiers announced on March 17-18, 2022 that the Crimea would be allegedly provided with other funds under the “socio-economic development program” that no one has seen on the peninsula yet.

We have repeatedly written in 2020-2021 about the systematic embezzlement of billions of “federal target programs”, by Russian oligarchs, affiliated with Putin, with the assistance of key “officials” of the occupation “administration”.

Even Russian propaganda by 2022 was forced to admit that, for example, funds for the construction of sewage treatment plants in Sevastopol, launched by Ukraine before 2014, were “totally stolen” in 2015-2018.

At present, we see that the occupiers are referring to new sanctions as a basis for their own failures, including to cover up their own “managerial and financial” insolvency.

However, it is obvious that the Kremlin will use the trials of “national traitors”, which are currently being actively prepared under the personal control of the Moscow dictator, to “justify” its own failures in Crimea.