As we have repeatedly written in recent years, the fake “Crimean representation before the President of Russia” formed by the occupiers, led by the invariable Georgy Muradov, has become a typical example of mass “development” and actual embezzlement of “federal funds” to promote the absurd idea of a “Russian peninsula” with zero result.

Currently, Mr. Muradov “distinguished himself” by another statement that the “two-story building” of the Mission of the President of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, seized by Russian invaders in Kherson will be used by the aggressor for a fake “Crimean mission in Kherson region”.

This statement was a reaction to the official announcement at the end of March 2022 of the Mission itself about the occupation of the premises of that Ukraine’s state body in Kherson by the Russian occupiers. What is remarkable in Muradov’s statements is that there has never been a separate “building” of the Mission in Kherson; as this institution was located in one floor in a multi-storey building, where other structures of another civil institution were located, in particular, a dormitory.

The Mission does really have a two-story building in Simferopol, seized by the Russians in 2014, the image of which was probably found on the Internet by Muradov’s “experts” from Russian propagandists. Whether the Ukrainian authorities will use it after the deoccupation of Crimea, for example, to represent the interests of the Kherson region, is unlikely to depend on Muradov’s wishes.

 But the very level of “awareness” of Russia-controlled propagandists in the facts and events directly related to their “official duties”, indicates not only their incompetence, but also the fact that Muradov’s structure currently has no communication, even with those invaders’ structures that organize the occupation of Kherson .

In fact, the propagandists of the Russian invaders formulate their statements based solely on their own fantasies, and on “information from open sources”.