We have already reported in March 2022 that there are fears growing regarding the “economic recovery of Donbass”, among the aggressor-controlled representatives of the Crimean “business” and employees of the invaders’ “administration” of being forced to participate in it, of course – at their own expense.

Yesterday, March 27, promises of this kind were indeed announced during the propaganda visit of the so-called “speaker of the Crimean parliament” Konstantinov to the fake “people’s republics” of the occupied East of Ukraine.

In fact, the Crimean economy currently has extremely limited opportunities to build, including industrial facilities, especially in the face of sanctions and the complete cessation of supplies to the aggressor of equipment and materials from civilized countries.

In addition, the logistics of supplying construction equipment to Donetsk or Luhansk, exactly from the Crimea, and not from the neighboring regions of Russia, has no economic or military basis, but only a propaganda dimension.

However, it is possible that the occupiers will attract Crimean residents as free “labour force” at the facilities of the occupied East of Ukraine.

During the visit, Konstantinov was also given “vouchers” to Crimean health resorts, which in fact has a constant propaganda practice in recent years.

Our Association has already described similar actions of collaborators of previous years with the use of departmental sanatoriums of Ukrainian owners in Beregove, Bakhchisaray district, illegally seized by Russian invaders in 2014.

It turned out that this “recovery” in Crimea for the children of “officials” of the Russia’s occupation administration from Donetsk was reduced in 2021 primarily to “laundering” of the “republican budget funds”, and the “vacation” in Beregove took place in spartan conditions with a number of excesses.