As of March 28, another floating mine of unknown origin was reported in Turkey’s Black Sea waters near the border with Bulgaria.

Russian propaganda also claims that the cargo ship “OMSKIY 205Є IMO number 8881814 under the Russian flag, which was sailing from Turkey to Rostov-on-Don, was punctured near the Kerch Strait on the night of March 27-28 near the Crimean Cape Takil and was de-energized. after which the “rescue operation” began.

It is obvious that the provocations of the Russians with allegedly “Ukrainian” floating mines in the Black Sea and, probably, the Azov Sea, will continue.

In particular, the aggressor’s sea mining could be used to put pressure on the Bulgarian government, where the aggressor seeks to retain control of his “Lukoil” concern over the “Naftohim” plant in Burgas, which still processes Russian oil.