As of March 27, Russian propaganda continues to exploit the situation of economic crisis and sanctions of civilized countries, caused by Russia’s aggression against Ukraine as grounds for “closing the ranks” and “cleansing from traitors” on the peninsula.

In particular, there are calls for “cleansing of educational and scientific institutions” from scientists, who have not publicly supported Russian nazism, because if European countries stop cooperating with such “institutions”, the relevant specialists become “unnecessary already”.

It is also claimed by aggrerssors that the refusal of European states to pay for contracts for gas supplies in rubles is allegedly “useful for Russia” because “in this way Western countries will be forced to lift sanctions against Russian banks”.

In Sevastopol, in the face of demoralization of the aggressor’s punitive structures, the occupiers promise to provide the co-called “police officers” with apartments in a new house in Balaklava in the fall of 2022.

Of course, housing in the unfinished facility promises to be provided primarily to those punishers who agree to “go on a service trip to restore order” in the occupied territories of mainland Ukraine.

It is noteworthy that at the same time the Russian invaders’ “administration” refused to appeal, as it was requested by some collaborators, to the Kremlin with a “legislative initiative” to limit the activities of so-called “microcredit institutions”.

The indebtedness of the Crimean residents to these structures has reached critical levels in recent years, and since March 2022 it has become clear that the decline in living standards makes these “loans” an absolute bondage. The aggressors expect that hopeless debtors will seek money by concluding “contracts” with the Russian army.

At the same time, the Kremlin has “suspended” its “decrees”, banning real estate transactions from March 2022 as citizens of Ukraine as an unfriendly state. After all, the occupiers’ “administration” understood that such a ban prevents them from further confiscating the property of Crimean inhabitants with Ukrainian passports through fictitious “agreements on the alienation” of their land plots, apartments and houses.

Also, in the context of the crisis of fisheries and aquaculture of the peninsula, due to sanctions and hostilities at sea, the Russian invaders say that the industry will be “partially refocused” on the cultivation of “edible algae”.

But the conditions of panic demand for a number of basic necessities in region make not surprising the sell of sugar stick collection for half a million rubles by a Crimean woman at an online auction, which she collected for several years; it was discovered and condemned by the aggressor’s propaganda as so-called “unpatriotic” attempt.