After the start of large-scale Russian aggression, the occupiers’ propaganda constantly reported the resumption of water supplies to Crimea through the North Crimean Canal as the main “practical achievement” of their criminal acts.

While the water flowed by gravity from the Kherson Region into the channel in the Crimea’s Krasnoperekopsky and Dzhankoysky districts, the relevant invaders’ daily reports resembled front-line data.

But then the Russian invaders began their attempts to restore the pumping systems of the canal in Dzhankoi, the level of their “euphoria” began to decline, even in reports of Russian propaganda.

It will be recalled that European suppliers of pumping equipment needed by the aggressor, such as “Grundfos”, have announced the cessation of equipment supplies and the operation of their own enterprises in Russia.

Under such conditions, the typical statement of “scientists of the Institute of Southern Marine Biology” controlled by the aggressor state appeared, that allegedly “radionuclides similar to substances from the Chernobyl zone have allegedly entered the Black Sea through the North Crimean Channel since 2014”.

Thus, the aggressor’s propaganda prepares in advance an “explanation” of the alleged “harmfulness of the Dnieper water” in case of the impossibility of a full-fledged launch of the North Crimean Canal in Crimea due to the lack of European equipment.