As we have already reported, the Russian occupiers are seeking to form their own repressive apparatus in the Kherson Region, in particular by relying on the Crimea.

But the aggressor’s structures met with massive opposition from both the population, business and local self-government in the region.

In fact, the only collaborator who agreed not only to be included in the lists of fake “regional authorities of the new order”, but also to make some statements in Kherson in support of the aggressor, was Kirill Stremousov, a long-time undercover Russian military intelligence officer.

Having no authority in any stratum of the population of the region, Mr. Stremousov, as a fake “power”, can only rely on Russian bayonets and propaganda.

His “interview” in this dimension now has been distributed by publications in the aggressor’s such as “Moskovskij Komsomolets”.

It is noteworthy that the collaborator not only directly admits there that “we are cursed, we are threatened” in Kherson, but he also consistently points to the alleged “need for cooperation with Crimea” and “the introduction of the Russian ruble” in the region.

Among Stremousov’s main, urgent, plans is to fight Ukrainian primers in schools, as it turns out that it contains “a system of neurolinguistic programming developed by the Americans”.

The collaborator is also concerned about the preservation of trolleybuses in Kherson by the real city authorities, as it turns out that they are “especially active” to gather Kherson residents for rallies against the Russian occupiers.

In addition to actively fighting Ukrainian trolleybuses and primers, Stremousov is focusing on “social assistance payments from Crimea”.

Earlier it was stated that the occupiers will allegedly pay in the Kherson region a fake “aid” of 10 thousand rubles allegedly to “state employees and civil servants”.

In fact, the aggressor in the Kherson region has no access to databases on these individuals, Russian invaders have no system of their accounting, as well as any control over banks and treasury structures in the region.

Therefore, this show has features not only of military propaganda, but also of banal theft by the Crimean “authorities” in Simferopol, such alleged “payments in Kherson”, done from “Crimean budget” funds.

In particular, it is planned to misappropriate significant amounts of “paid” funds personally by the fake “head of the Crimea” Sergei Aksyonov, and Stremousov, as a person with broad corruptive experience, was elected an inexpensive accomplice of such speculation.