As the Association has already reported, due to active hostilities in the Black and Azov Seas and adjacent territories in the occupied Crimea, fish catches have significantly decreased and seafood prices have risen in the peninsula.

Also, the occupiers are already forced to recognize the closure of aquaculture enterprises, due to the fact that the fry for fish and shellfish were supplied to them exclusively from European countries and the corresponding provision is now suspended due to sanctions.

We will add that in January 2022 our Association drew attention to the extraordinary fact of releasing into the Black Sea hundreds of tons of rainbow trout from a fishery plant near Sochi. At that time, Russian propaganda explained this absolutely unprecedented situation by an “accident” at the enterprise, and promised that “the fish will die in the sea itself”.

Domestic and Western ecologists almost immediately stated that such invasive fish, released into the Black Sea, will not die and will start to multiply en masse.

Today, experts say that the Russians, realizing the sad consequences of aggression against Ukraine for their own sea fishing in the oceans, artificially took measures to “stock” objectively not rich in fish Black Sea trout to increase coastal catches in a situation where Russian ships become non-grata persons in the main fishing areas.

The USSR once conducted similar experiments on stocking water bodies with invasive species, including trout.

However, under any circumstances, the aggressor’s destruction of Ukrainian sea fisheries due to the occupation of the Donetsk, Zaporizhzhya and Kherson regions, due the hostilities in Mariupol and due the Russian blockade of Odessa and Mykolayiv Regions has already been the subject of an appeal to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).