According to the lawyers of Ukrainian political prisoners, the “pre-trial detention center” in Simferopol, which is under the control of Russian invaders, is currently being “sealed”.

Invader’s goal is to “liberate” a separate floor for Ukrainian activists and officials, abducted by Russian invaders in the Zaporizhia and Kherson regions.

It should be added that the Simferopol “pre-trial detention center” has the most inhumane conditions of detention since at least 2015, which is primarily due to unsanitary conditions and overcrowding of the “institution”.

It is noteworthy that before the occupation, the unloading of this pre-trial detention center, which was then half as full, was planned to be done by building an isolator in Sevastopol.

The occupiers “successfully used” this idea of ​​the Ukrainian government, but “in their own way”, because their “officials” have been stealing “federal budget money” for several years in a row in the design of the “Sevastopol detention center”.

Currently, its absence leads to some tension among the occupiers and Russian colonizers in Sevastopol.

Relevant “officials” warn on the confidentional meetings that Sevastopol’s “administrative violators” and “slightly dangerous criminals” of Russian origin are forced to be in the throes of the Simferopol “isolator” “together with these Crimean traitors”.