As the occupying “administration” itself has to admit, food prices in Crimea have risen sharply, including a wide range of vegetables and fish, whose marine fishing in the region has virtually ceased due to hostilities.

In order to “solve the problem”, the fake “head of Crimea” and the “mayor of Yalta” jointly gave the current “owners” of the Yalta food market a “week to curb prices”, and then threatened to “nationalize the market”.

It is unknown how the next “appropriated” real estate in general can affect consumer prices in an economic crisis in the Crimea.

But it is noteworthy that now the so-called “head of Crimea” Aksyonov said that the long-suffering market “should have been nationalized in 2014, but the market owners persuaded the authorities to reconsider the decision”.

In fact, as our Association wrote more than a year ago, Oleg Izvekov, the Russian owner of markets and shopping and entertainment centers, criminally acquired Yalta’s markets as his “property” in 2013.

In 2014, Oleg Izvekov bought the right to build the “Russian world” on his own in the Yalta markets for $ 400,000 in bribes to people from Aksyonov’s gang, the so-called “deputy prime minister of the republic of Crimea” Mikhail Sheremet and “mayor of Yalta” Andriy Rostenko.

Oleg Izvekov himself is not a simple big Russian businessman, but he is a business partner of Sergei Klimov, a tycoon affiliated with the FSB leadership, who is one of the clients of the infamous Ramzan Kadyrov and his “asset holder” Russian lawyer Pavel Krotov.

So now, under the guise of a “food crisis”, the fake “head of Crimea” has decided to “milk” Kadyrov’s pawn, Mr. Izvekov.

It is obvious that such “bandit courage” of Mr. Aksyonov as a former racketeer of the “Saylem” group is connected with the “reduction of Kadyrov’s” shares in the Russian bandit-KDB “house of cards”, due to the low quality of Kadyrov’s groups and their masses destruction by the Ukrainian army in the battles near Kyiv and Mariupol.

It is noteworthy that at the same time the so-called “head of Crimea” decided to “milk” the private owners of Crimean real estate from mainland Ukraine, promising its “mass nationalization”.

It is obvious that the “share price” of all Ukrainian collaborators and “Russian world’s” agents has fallen so much in March 2022, due to military and political failures of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, that many of them, having “elite real estate” in the Crimea, can not be protected there by Russians special services from Mr. Aksyonov’s racketeers.