In the early spring of 2022, the media, controlled by the Russian occupiers, began to report on the planting of new vineyards in the Crimea. These reports have already provoked a sarcastic assessment of local residents and experts, who are well aware that the Crimean business actually bought seedlings for viticulture from European suppliers, even during the long occupation of the peninsula.

But now even the Russian occupiers’ propaganda is forced to recognize the “problems of viticulture and winemaking” caused by the sanctions of civilized countries. And indeed, “it is primarily about seedlings, machinery and equipment”.

As for the seedlings, according to the aggressor-controlled “Octagon.Crimea”, there is a refusal of a number of suppliers for further cooperation, as well as problems with payment for supplies and increased logistics for the rest.

In the Russian-controlled territory, nurseries used to be able to provide only up to 20% of the needs of viticulture, but now they are also reducing production through sanctions and will work by “alternative ways”.

The situation in winemaking is even worse for the aggressor, where, as it “turned out suddenly”, there is no Russian food-grade stainless steel f good quality, almost no wine barrels, and no natural cork.

According to Crimean winemakers themselves, the Russian-controlled economy is more or less guaranteed to produce only bottles and labels.

Under these conditions, it is worth to point on the statements of the current Kherson collaborator Oleksiy Zhuravko, who has been hiding from Ukrainian justice in the occupied Crimea for many years.

This “victim of repression” is currently proposing to build a “new cotton mill” in Russia-occupied Kherson, but the aggressor-controlled lands do not have and never will have any potential with relevant equipment, technologies, and raw materials.