Aggressor-controlled media “Octagon.Crimea” currently published material that allegedly “Ukrainians are ousting Crimean seafarers” from the global labor market in maritime shipping.

After eight years of occupation, the aggressor’s propagandists suddenly “found out” that Crimean sailors worked until 2022 primarily with Ukrainian official documents, employed through Ukrainian companies and flew mostly through the airports of mainland Ukraine.

Now the occupiers are indignant that “Crimean seafarers are totally refused to cooperate with Ukrainian intermediaries” and that a “difficult atmosphere” has arisen in the mixed crews of merchant ships.

It is really difficult to expect a “good psychological atmosphere” on board, when the crew consists of seafarers from the aggressor-destroyed Mariupol, the Russian-occupied Kherson and Berdyansk, or the Russian-shelled Mykolayiv or Odessa.

And it iswery likely that no one will receive now employment services from companies that are in the war zone, and the relevant bodies of the Ukraine’s Maritime Administration have been forced to stop issuing documents to seafarers.

The systematic violation by the Russian army of maritime security requirements in the Black and Azov Seas since February 24, 2022 is already known to all sailors of the world as an example of modern piracy and savagery.

But in fact, we should not forget about the restrictions on travel imposed by Russia after the start of large-scale aggression against Ukraine, and on the covert agressor’s mobilization of Crimean seafarers.

In addition, the Russian government recently announced the withdrawal from key maritime conventions, after which the participation of persons under the jurisdiction of the aggressor in the world shipping will be minimal.