In 2021, our Association paid considerable attention to the actions of “Siemens” and “Grundfos” in the Crimea regarding their illegal supply of pumping equipment to the Beshterek-Zuysky water supply system, which contributed to the militarization of peninsula and the destruction of its unique ecosystems.

With the start of large-scale Russian aggression, our Association once again appealed in March 2022 to “Grundfos” and to the authorized Danish authorities to stop cooperating with the aggressor state.

After all, “Grundfos” pumping equipment will obviously be used by Russia to steal Dnieper water from pumping stations of the North Crimean Canal seized by the Russian military, which will contribute to the further militarization of the Crimean peninsula.

Our Association later addressed its appeal to public organizations, which have already planned a protest rally near the “Grundfos” office in Björingbro, Denmark.

But after that, the concern sent a letter stating that “Grundfos” will temporarily suspend production in Russia and will not accept orders from Russia and Belarus. The company also announced a donation of 2 million euros in humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Our Association will continue to inform world concerns about the horrific crimes of the Russian aggressor in the Crimea and mainland of Southern Ukraine.