According to reports on social networks, controlled by the Russian invaders, during the hostlities in the South of Ukraine, the Deputy Commander of the aggressor’s Black Sea Fleet “for educational work”, captain of the first rank Andriy Paliy was killed.

The death of such kind of military commander, and especially in the land theater of war, has tragicomic features, and the occupiers obviously could not hide Mr. Paliy’s death because of his publicity and of his wide range of connections in occupied Sevastopol.

After all, in 2014, it was exactly Mr. Paliy who was the link between the Russian FSB and the so-called “people’s self-defense” of Sevastopol, organized from local collaborators and agents of the “Russian world”.

Through him, the aggressor’s special services in the first days of the occupation of Crimea gave commands to their puppets – the so-called head of the “Sevastopol Defense Staff” Oleg Roslyakov and “people’s mayor” Alexei Chalyi.

In addition, in matters of cooperation with collaborators, Paliy coordinated his then leadership, including former Black Sea Fleet’s Commander Alexander Vitko. It is noteworthy that after Vitko was promoted to Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy in 2018, Paliy’s relations with the new leadership of the Black Sea Fleet were very strained, but he enjoyed impunity through his curators in the FSB.

On March 20, 2022, the occupier-controlled Sevastopol-based media outlet “ForPost” reported, that Paliy allegedly died in the fighting near Mariupol, where he allegedly “ensured the functioning of the peaceful corridor” and died of either a sniper bullet or a “shrapnel wound” and both versions are “checked now”.

Due to Paliy’s involvement in the events of the occupation of Crimea, our Association was forced to pay special attention to his death, as part of a general analysis of events among the occupiers and collaborators.

As we have already reported the day before the recognition of Paliy’s death, due to the failures of the Russian army in the South of Ukraine, a very tense atmosphere developed among the Russian military and “officials” in Sevastopol.

We wrote already that both the “governor” and the key “heads of law enforcement agencies” and the leadership of the Black Sea Fleet understand that they can be blamed for the failures of the operation in Southern Ukraine as allegedly “agents of the Ukrainian Nazis” and “Turkish and American spies”, for which the Russian special services can prepare appropriate “processes”.

So far, as we have learned, Russian FSB officials, personally authorized by the Russian leadership, have indeed been tasked with preparing, in the Soviet style of the 1937 repression, a trial for identified “national traitors” at the Black Sea Fleet.

The key role in fabricating the process, of course, with no real reason to blame the Black Sea Fleet Command for its ties to Turkey or Ukraine, was assigned by the FSB in the first week of March directly to their old key agent in the Fleet Command Mr. Paliy

Now that First Rank Captain Andriy Paliy has died, our sources say that the atmosphere in command of the Black Sea Fleet has become less tense, and Admiral Igor Osipov has canceled a number of private events planned by him in the event of his imminent house arrest by FSB.

Without belittling the heroism of the defenders of Zaporizhia, Mariupol and Mykolayiv, we would like to add that our Association is practically convinced of Paliy’s death as a result of the classic Russian insidious “friendly fire” for the aggressor to “sweep the tracks”. We predict a number of “tragic incidents” with people who worked closely with Pali in the Black Sea Navy and in Sevastopol, including Mr. Chalyi’s near circle.