On March 19, Russian special services conducted a series of synchronized actions “in support of a special operation in Ukraine” in the countries of Council of Europe with a significant pro-Russian lobby – Armenia, Bulgaria and Serbia.

For example, in Yerevan, the relevant “meeting” was held under the auspices of local parliamentarians – the leader of the of “Constitutional Law Union” party Hayk Babuxanyan and the chairman of the “Alliance” party Tigran Urikhanyan.

It should be added that by “strange coincidence” these Armenian “opposition” politicians were previously noted in the fake “Days of Crimea in Armenia”, organized by Georgy Muradov and, accordingly, were investigated in the publications of our Association.

For example, Mr. Urikhanyan is a full-fledged member of Gazprom’s local subsidiary, and Mr. Babuxanyan represents Armenian conservatives, who see Russia as a “lesser evil” and dream of a great “Russian-Turkish war” that will allow “to construct the Great Armenia”.