Among those, who close to the heads of the occupation “administrations” in Crimea, collaborators are currently concerned about the Kremlin’s announced “purge of national traitors” to replace the failure of a military operation in mainland Ukraine on the aggressor state’s agenda.

Demonstrative “proceedings” against “traitors” are expected to take place in Moscow and St. Petersburg over “Russian traitors” and “spies”, and key Crimean collaborators hope they will not fall victim to them as “sacred heroes of the Crimean Spring”.

However, these issues may affect Crimean Tatar collaborators in Simferopol, as the occupiers are postponing the full criminal deportation of Crimean Tatars at least “until the capture of Odessa”.

Those processes will be under the control of “verified” leaders of the Russian FSB and under Putin’s direct supervision. The purpose of this action should be theatrical “court rulings” in the spirit of Soviet prosecutor Vyshinsky, and the issue should be initiated by deputies of the State Duma from the Kremlin-controlled “opposition”.

The situation is tense. In Sevastopol, where both the “governor”, key punitive “enforcement officials” and the Black Sea Fleet’s commanders understand that they can be blamed for failures in Southern Ukraine as “agents of the Ukrainian Nazis” and “Turkish and American spies”.

At the same time, the occupiers’ planned “trials” of “Ukrainian Nazis” that were “to take place” in Odessa and Kyiv are now being “postponed” for obvious reasons.

In return, the Russian invaders are preparing smaller-scale actions against “personnel of biological laboratories in Ukraine”, which could be quickly filmed in Kherson, of course, till city will be not released by Ukrainian troops by then. According to Crimean sources, such “show trials” in the style of Russian fakes are aimed at creating an “alternative judicial reality” for the Kremlin, contrary to the decision of the UN International Court of Justice, as Moscow’s leaders understand the futility of raising such projects in the UN hall.