After the beginning of the broad Russian aggression against Ukraine, the authorized state authorities, non-governmental organizations, including our Association, reasonably appealed to the Danube Commission to assess Russia’s participation in this organization, incompatible with the principles of international law, maritime and river safety and interstate transport.

Today, March 17, the twelfth extraordinary session of the Danube Commission took place in connection with Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine, at which a special decision was made.

The Danube Commission rejected the powers of any Russian representative on the Commission, as well as any of their deputies, and it removed Russian representatives from all meetings of the Danube Commission and its working bodies until the restoration of peace, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders.

The Commission asked the Contracting States to begin preparations for the revision of the Belgrade Convention with a request to examine whether Russia, as a state without the Danube, could continue to be a Contracting State to the Convention.

The Commission also instructed the Director-General of its Secretariat to draw up proposals for the implementation of Article 9 of the Belgrade Convention in order to prepare for the dismissal of all Russian Secretariat staff in compliance with the Rules of Procedure and existing employment agreements.